Claustrophobic and Anxious Patients

The technology offered at Thumb MRI features a spacious environment that puts anxious and claustrophobic patients at ease. Our MRI system is the largest high field Wide Open Bore MRI available on the market today. The Titan magnet has been reduced to the shortest distance in the industry. 

This allows the patient's head to remain outside the magnet for many procedures. Instead of being surrounded by the noise of a jackhammer, the patients only hear a gentle tapping. This softer volume reduces patient anxiety and increases the chance of a successful scan.

If you are anxious or claustrophobic the following are ideas on how to cope with your anxious feelings so you may be able to complete your MRI:

Eliminate fear of the unknown:


The technologist will thoroughly explain the MRI procedure so you will know what to expect. Patients are welcome to stop in to look at the scanner prior to their scheduled MRI.

Take someone in the room with you:

A family member or friend may sit with you in the MRI room, however they will also be screened for metal implants and other safety concerns. There is no radiation with MRI so it is safe for them to be in the MRI room. It may be comforting just knowing someone is by your side.

Talk to the technologist:

It's important that you tell the technologist what bothers you. The technologist can offer you a satin mask to cover your eyes, a “squeeze” ball that will alert the technologist that you need them, or additional cushions or supports so you are as comfortable as possible for your test. 


We do not prescribe any type of sedation. If you feel you need oral sedation, please talk to your physician. If you are given a prescription for oral sedation, take it by your doctor's instructions and have someone drive you the day of the exam.

Please call us with any questions you may have concerning your test especially if you are anxious about the MRI test. We can be reached toll free at